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Advanced Technology Product
Rubio Monocoat is molecularly bound to the first microns of wood, resulting in 1 It can be applied on 35-50m2 wooden surface with 1 liter. At the same time, it does not create a visible film on the surface and there is no saturation difference. It will not accept a second coat to be applied on the product. This feature prevents color differentiation applied at different times or at the time of application.

Natural Appearance
Besides protecting the wood, it certainly does not spoil the natural wood appearance. You feel the wood itself rather than a film-forming varnish as the surface.

100% Natural Wood Finish Material
Rubio Monocoat is made entirely from natural herbs. It may adversely affect human health It does not contain any toxic chemicals or VOCs. VOCs in Turkey (Volatile organic compounds – Volatile organic compounds) is the only product with a value of 0%. Chemical substances that are considered to fly after they are applied normally emit harmful gases from the surface with the help of sunlight and different factors, not only through skin contact. With Rubio, none of the harmful and carcinogenic gases are formed.

Ease of Application
Unlike other wood varnish systems, it can be applied in many ways. It can be easily applied with brush, pistol and polishing machines. The technical information required for the application is provided by our company. In addition to almost 42 color varieties in total, patina colors are applied in one layer, this process means 4 to 5 processes in other water-based, oil-based and cellulosic systems.

Easy Retouching
Errors that may occur after or during application are almost 0% with Rubio Monocoat. The joints and overlapping places of Rubio on the same surface applied at different times are not clear.

Application Examples

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