Rubio Monocoat Oil Plus 2C: Oil + Accelerator

* It is a water and heat resistant product
* Full curing time with accelerator is 5 days.
oksik ingredients and VOCdoes not contain.
42 Rubio Monocoat color available
Generally, there are 3 color groups
-Basic Colors

-Classic Colors
-Patine Colors
* You just need to apply 1 coat

* Superior protection
* Easy maintenance and retouching feature. It does not require sandpaper. Does not flake on the surface over time

Scope of application:
Used for interior wood, suitable for flooring, solid and veneered furniture.

1.3 Litre
1,3 Litre It can cover an area between 50-65m2
(Varies according to the absorption property of the wood)

Seeing Colors Applied You Can Use the Rubio Color Panel