Rubio Monocoat Decking Oil: Oil + Accelerator

It is a double-applied system. Can also be used separately
Sunprimer product applied as the first layer increases the UV resistance of the wood at maximum rate and reduces the tonal differences in the material.
Decking oil increases UV resistance even when applied alone.
Decking oil is single color and Sunprimer products are in different colors.
Products applied as a double system completely eliminate the darkening of the wood as long as they are periodically maintained.
* It is a water and heat resistant product
* Full curing time with accelerator is 5 days.
oksik maddeler ve VOCiçermez.
*Bitiş yağını sadece 1 kat uygulamanız yeterli

* Superior protection
* Easy maintenance and retouching feature. It does not require sandpaper. Does not flake on the surface over time

Scope of application:
Suitable for outdoor flooring. Pool edges, deck flooring, garden furniture, urban furniture, curtains, etc.
It is suitable for all wood types. Can be used in Thermowood.

Oil1.3 Litre, Sunprimer 1 Litre
1,3 Litre Between 50-65m2,
Sunprimer 1 Liter can cover 15-20m2.
(Varies according to the absorption property of the wood)