Rubio Monocoat Oil Plus 2C It is a two component oil consisting of RMC Oil Plus (A) and RMC Accelerator (B) products used on indoor wooden surfaces. It is very suitable for indoor applications that require fast drying. It is applied only in one layer.

*Pure (Şeffaf) içerisinde renk pigmenti bulunmayan bu ürün yağ bazlı olmasından dolayı ağaca sürüldüğünde hafif sarartır (ağacın su ile ıslatıldığındaki gibi)  ve ağacın damarlarını daha belirgin hale getirir.

*It is suitable for use on solid and coated products with a raw surface. It protects your products and beautifies their appearance without disturbing the natural appearance of the wood and without forming a film on the surface.

* It is produced from 100% natural products, does not contain any harmful chemicals. It is suitable for use in food contact and baby products.

*Can be applied without the need for professional skills.

This product is also highly suitable for industrial applications consisting of both oxidative and UV processes.


In 350 ml combined container:

275 ml RMC Oil Plus 2C (A) ve 75 ml RMC Accelerator (B)


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